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Site Change

Hi All

The DMZ has been established for 12 years now, we have much nostalgia and fond memories from over the years, whether you have recently joined the guild or been here since the beginning, the stories, the good, the bad, the sad, the hilarious, the drama, the legendary moments, the players who left their mark, these will continue to be shared as we often reminicse.  It took us as an Officer team time to realise this, we held on to dmz-gaming.com website because of the history that it holds.  However, from a guild persepective, it was getting very slow, very clunky and painful to use at the best of times and not interactive at all. So From this moment on, we are making the transition from The DMZ website to The DMZ Guilded site.

We felt that it was time to update the way that we do things, introducing Discord last year, to making the move over to Guilded. Over the past year or so we have explored many options but, none seemed to fit what we wanted or needed.    Guilded although in its Beta stage, ( tweaks are still needed a times} is proving to be a pretty good match with what we need as a Guild to take us forward, with new additions being added all the time, it can only get better.

What does this mean for you?  It means that our new forum/website is interactive for you too, you can post your own casual runs, raids, mythic+ etc, you can add birthdays/events, screenshots, videos, add your stream and its all connected with discord. We have tried to make things as easy for us to communicate with each other as we can.
When it comes time to raid again, the way we do sign ups will be changing, at the moment we are still looking at our options, but we will have more information for you in the coming weeks.

As an Officer team we are excited for the new changes, we have worked hard for the past months to bring something new and fresh to the Guild and to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone, we hope that we have achieved this.

If you have any questions in this regard feel free to ask or make a separate thread.

Your DMZ Officers

New site: http://www.guilded.gg/i/6kKly8wp  or Guild site

https://discord.gg/Xwdkqm - our discord join the chat or check the latest banter

Important: please make sure you change your Discord and Guilded names to your main character, so we know who you are, permissions won't be granted until you complete this step.

In the light we are one!




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